Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Wednesday 17 January 2018

New shiny and plastics.

Oh dear - just 5 minutes after posting my last blog I've just seen the new Northstar Miniatures plastic oathmark elves and humans.  Now they look nice,  I did think of getting both the Dwarves and orc sets but managed to resit but the two new packs I think will break my resistance. 
And then there are the new antediluvian miniatures fantasy explorers / conquistadors and they look very nice too.

What is a man to do with all this temptation. 

More Cattlemen and a Plan for 2018 (well sort of)

Over the past couple of weeks I've been contemplating my plan for this year's painting. At the moment I'm definitely going to try and reduce the lead and plastic mountain.  
I'm going to continue with the 15mm wild west this year, finishing off the Indians I started in the 90's. I've also got a number buildings from the range to paint up along with a train.
Along with this on-going project I'm going to try and complete another of my projects - the 15mm Assyrians. This has been plodding on for about 6 years now but I feel if I base up the completed figures it might motivate me to finish off the army with the chariots and a few extra units.
On top of that I have a number of on going projects I would love to get on with but it will probably be some more 15mm ww2 to finish off the year.

As to new stuff - apart from a few bits for the wild west, like a train station, I'll try to keep the purchasing down to paints and accessories and a few little bits. But you know us wargamers, never say never.

Anyway to the painted stuff, i've painted up some more  PeterPig cattlemen, these are pack 86 foot pistols.  Nice figures with three different sculpts in each pack of eight figures.

I'm looking forward to the new revised and updated Hey You in the Jail rules from PeterPig. They should be out in time for Salute.

Let those wagons roll.