Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Sunday 29 December 2013

Ground Zero Games - NAC Power Armour Troopers

Hi all.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and Father Christmas bought you something nice in the hobby department.

I finished these off earlier this evening, first up we have NAC Power Armour Troops with support weapons followed by NAC Power Armour Troops with smart grenade launcher/heavy antipersonnel rifle.


Thanks for taking the time to look.

Tuesday 24 December 2013

GZG - NAC Rifles pack A

I finished off two packs of SG15-A07 NAC Rifles pack A yesterday and photographed them tonight.
Nice little figures to paint.
I've also finished painting some Power Armour Troopers & Support Weapon Troopers - I've just got to paint the bases and then should be able to get some picks on here, looks like it'll be next weekend now.
Again nice figures but with some weapons that don't mean anything to me, oh well some research required.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Bulldog 4-wheel HMTV (High Mobility Transport Vehicle), open, with tribarrel autocannon mount

Here's a few pictures missing from yesterday's post.
Yesterday there were two crew - today only one !!


Saturday 7 December 2013

NAC from Ground Zero Games

At Warfare in Reading a couple of weeks ago I bought a NAC starter pack from Ground Zero Games along with a couple of extra vehicles and a couple packs of power armour troopers.

The figures were nice sculpts with some mould lines and were painted with vellejo paints, Iraqi sand on the uniforms heavily washed with some of the new gameworkshop washes and then highlighted with the Iraqi sand.

These are a pack of Saw gunners.

The Vehicles are nice sculpts too and went together well.
Here's a 'Halftrike' followed by a 'Mini-Mule

I also have a Bulldog 4-wheel HMTV (High Mobility Transport Vehicle), open, with tribarrel autocannon mount painted, based and ready to photograph, Hope to have it on here tomorrow.

Christmas tree and decorations are calling !

Sunday 1 December 2013

A religious experience

Here's a base of an Essex Carroccio and some praying monks. I originally started this in the late 90's but only got as far as the waggon, I didn't like the way the wood colour appeared and the purple cloth didn't go well with it.
I've been looking at it every so often thinking what can I do and then I tried some white and repainted the wood with a new pot and it worked . The colour on the monks brown habits came out too dark after I sprayed the matt varnish on, but I like the whole effect now.

Thursday 14 November 2013


I thought I'd add a picture or two of an Ironclad Minatures 28mm Figure -Phileas.
He was a lovely figure to paint though I wish I'd paintd his coat in a darker colour to show of the brass work on his back and arms.

Hope you enjoy

And it's Warfare this weekend in Reading. This is one of may favourite wargames events - a good size show but not too big. Plenty of traders and some nice games too.
I'll be there Sunday.

The last of the Sanwar

I finally finished the mounted Sanwar on his lizard mount. I decided to go for greens for the lizard - not in keeping with the Sanwars but green it is.

And here's a group shot of the completed team. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for taking a look. Dan

Sunday 20 October 2013

Essex Vikings

I managed to get the camera to focus - (amazing what a spray can will do - steady's my shaking hand).
Here's a couple of pics of a beached boat.

 and here's one of a viking and his captives.

Thursday 17 October 2013

More Sanwar warriors

It's been a bit quiet on my bogging front over the last month though on the painting side things are progressing (albeit slowly). Here's another 8 of the Sanwar warriors. That just leaves a lizard warrior on his trusty mount. Not sure of the colours but I think something a bit brighter for both.

I've also been busy with some 15mm Essex vikings and they're nearly done and if I can get my camera to focus I'll have some pictures on soon. 

Sunday 15 September 2013


I had a great time at Colours today and picked up  most of what I had in mind.
The two boxes of Perry's were my birthday present from the wife (been waiting since April).
I bought a box of PSC 15mm US infantry & a box of M3 Half tracks, a box of Northstar's IHMN Scotland Yard along with 10 packs of Peter Pigs AWI range.

And my little boy was so good he ended with 3 bags of Starwar figures

Sanwar warriors with Jezzails

I've had a slow week on the painting front with only a couple of figures done.
Last weekend I made the rocky outcrop based on a description on another blog (my apologies I can't remember who's but thank you). It was made using bark (as behind) and thick lump of polystyrene, watered down PVA glue over it all and then slightly thinned down filler on top. Painted with a mix of GW & Vallejo paints and washes.

I'm off to colours tomorrow with a long list of wants so I'll have to see how far my cash will stretch. I post some pics of my purchases soon and hopefully a few pics of the show.
I'm having my little 5 year old in tow and I'm hoping he'll let me have a good browse (I've bribed him with some soldiers of his own - Star wars if he's really lucky).

Monday 2 September 2013

It made my afternoon.

There I was digging up some plants in the front garden yesterday when I heard what I thought was 3 aeroplane engines. We get a few flypasts of different aircraft here in Chinnor so I always look up to see what's on offer. Nothing in sight for 30 seconds or so and then the Lancaster came in to view, and it was only a few hundred feet up. What a fantastic view.
It's the second time I've seen it over the village, last time it was accompanied by the Spitfire and Hurricane of the BBMF.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Sanwar Commander & Shaman

Here's a couple of photo's of the Ironclad Miniatures Sanwar Commander &Shaman. I couldn't get the camera to focus brilliantly so these will have to do.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Sanwar Artillery

 I've been slowly working on the Ironclad Miniatures Sanwar range.
Nice figures but a little bit different from my usual choices.

Next up should be a commander and a shaman.

Sunday 4 August 2013

Steam Tank 06

Here's a few a pictures of the finished model.

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Royal Navy Landing Party

I finished the RN Landing Party just over a week ago but a week spent in sunny Devon delayed the uploading of these photo's.

I should have pictures of the first of the steam tanks up by the end of the week.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Tank Museum wargames weekend or Beer Festival ??

Well I made my mind up - the beer festival. As it's a lovely day and Haddenham's Beer Festival is only a 10 minute drive away (for the wife) it wins against a 122 miles (2 hour) drive each way in loads of beach traffic.
But what about tomorrow, it's a two day show I hear, two much beer and then again I wouldn't get away with both days for me at the weekend.
I'll wait for some blog reports.
Happy drinking and a lovely day to you all.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

How to?

Anyone know how to reply to a comment? when i click on the reply button below a comment nothing happens. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday 18 June 2013


I popped down to Valhalla in Farnborough on Sunday for the first time in at least 15 years.
I took my 5 year old along for a treat and he was a good boy all day and his reward was 2 bags of Star Wars plastic figures. He had to have a play as soon as we got home.
For myself I came back with a mass of Ironclad Miniatures. I was planning to pick up British Naval Brigade Boarding Party packs (BR05,06 & 12) and maybe a steam tank. I came home with the 3 packs above, 2 tanks (Steam05 medium tank  & Steam 06a 4 wheeled armoured car) and I liked the painted up Sanwar so much I bought a pack of nearly the whole range. There was also a great character range but I mange to resist all but one - Phileas with steam powered claws.
I undercoated the boarding party last night and need to get started on them ASAP.

 undercoated and waiting

The purchases 

Sunday 9 June 2013

New Rules

Received on Friday from Amazon 'On Her Majesty's Name' - nicely presented with some lovely photo's and artwork. Rules seem ok - not really my scene but never say never.
I'm going to see who does some suitable figures and maybe paint up a couple of companies.

What's happening?

Not much really
I've not posted for two months not having done much painting. I had to help the eldest make a castle for her school project, not  a bad effort but she didn't come first. Then the change in the weather has meant a few projects in the garden.
The time has flown by and the Neo-Assyrian chariots are taking a long time to do. I was planning to have a couple of hours yesterday and today to crack on with them but won't be happening now.
Need to stay motivated.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Peter Pig WW2 US Para's

I am a great fan of Peter Pig figures and have been collecting them since since the mid 1990s.
It was the Hey You in the Jail rules and figures that first got me hooked. I've got the full range with about a 3rd painted and am still interested in getting back to painting the rest one day.
As for the WW2 figures - what a fantastic range. I ve got so many armies (mostly unpainted - but one day).
Here are some pics of the US Paras.

Company Command

Two veteran platoons

75mm Pack Howitzer Support