Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Friday 31 March 2017

Airborne 6 pdr gun

I think it's finally dawned on me why I'm spending less time on my blog (though painting time is still about the same) and the answer is forge of empires. I need to cut back on that and refocus my attention. Easier said than done.

The 6 pdr (57mm) was first used in 1942 and was used into the 50's. The airborne version had a modified carriage.
PeterPig do a nice model in their WW2 range. I've painted 3 with crew and a tow for each as support for my Para force.

Next up should be the first of 3 platoons.

Take care all.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Finally some pics of painted figures.

A day off today looking after sickly older boy so took a few pictures of some of the completed PeterPig British paras. It's taken me all day to get around to this point. And i don't know what I've done with the rest of the day ( though i did have an hour's kip in the afternoon).

First up is the company commanders base. This should be on a 4x4 base (for PBI) but I've gone with a round one so i could fit the jeep on as well.

We now have two bases of medics, one with attached priest. I made the fence from a coffee stirer and a piece of a cocktail stick just to give the base a little extra.

Finally some drop canisters. 

I had a number of issues with greying when varnishing. I used both aerosol and a pot of cote D'arms with both causing problems.

Thanks for dropping by.