Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Year

Happy New Year to all and may 2015 bring you many wargaming joys.

Sunday 21 December 2014

NSL Panzergrenadier Rifles C

In-between repairing and repainting some Dr Who freebies my boys found with a magazine I managed to finish Rifles pack C. This pack has some similar sculpts to those found in packs A & B but come with closed visors.

The boys were keen to get their Dr Who figures painted and did them as soon they could. The oldest boy used acrylic (I think) and went for a multi coloured look on them. The youngest went for a different colour on each one but couldn't wait to get home so made his auntie paint them with nail varnish !! They smelt lovely.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Wargaming Girl

I'm a little behind on my wargames reading, just started December's Miniature Wargames and thought I share with you (if it hasn't been already) the blogs of the month. One of my favourite bloggers, Wargaming Girl was given a good write up. Tamsin has a great blog and always something interesting to read, good photo's along with regular new shinny's.
Well done Tamsin and keep up the great work.
For those of you who have not been there here's the link:

Sunday 14 December 2014

NSL Panzergrenadier Command and Comms

I managed to finish off the Command and Comms pack last night and with the warm-up this afternoon I was able to spray-varnish them.
I was quite happy with the finished look until I just looked at the up-loaded photos'. I meant to do the belt buckles and the moustache on the single commander has not come out as dark as i thought it had. Oh well back to the paint.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday 7 December 2014

NSL Panzergrenadier Rifles B

I had some time yesterday and managed to finish off the painting and then varnish the figures.
Today I removed the finished based figures from the flat head nails I always glue them to for ease of praying and painting. 
One of the figures was determined not to part from its nail and snapped off at the ankles. A quick repair job involving a pin-vice, superglue, model filler and a quick touch up and it looked nearly as good as the rest. 

Friday 5 December 2014

NSL Panzergrenadier Rifles A

I've managed to get this pack of NSL done sooner than I thought and I'm making progress on rifles pack B, hoping to get these finished over the weekend.
The figures are sprayed with a German dark yellow, washed with sepia. Vallejo Russian uniform is used on the helmet and some of the armour with green grey on the visor. The rifles were painted with panzer grey (Cote d'Arms) and highlighted with slate grey.

 Thanks for taking the time to view.