Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Sunday 26 October 2014

IHMN - Scotland Yard

Here are the 4 police constables from Northstar's Scotland Yard set. A nice set with little flash but with some annoying mold lines on the helmets. For the uniform I used Games Workshop Kantor Blue with Nuln-oil black wash. The highlights on the blue seems to have disappeared  somewhat after spraying the anti-shine varnish.
The rest of the box is progressing well and should be finished next weekend, though I don't think I'll get anytime as it's my girls 8th birthday on Thursday and her party on Saturday. And she's my princess. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Chinese Villains

Here are the latest four figures for the Chinese faction, Dr Fu Manchu, his pretty assistant Fao Lo Sue, their body guard and another henchman. All figures from Ironclad Miniatures.

Next up will either be the Budda and the Temple dogs or IHMN's Scotland Yard Company (though I don't fancy the checks on Holmes' cape).

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Games Workshop

Earlier this year I went in to the local (Aylesbury) branch of the store - well tried to but on the first attempt on a Monday it was shut and the second attempt on the following Tuesday it was shut too. I needed a couple of paints so went back the following Saturday and it was open. I was surprised how few people there were in the shop and only one assistant. I've been back a few times through the year and it's always been quiet and I just assumed it was an Aylesbury thing - the Kingston upon Thames store was always heaving when I lived there 11 years ago.
On Saturday I took the boys to a party in Highwycombe and took the chance to pop in to that branch and it was completely dead with one member of staff. I noticed that it was also shut all day Monday and Tuesday.
Is Games Workshop dying a slow death or is it going strong on the internet?
I've never been bothered either way by Games Workshop apart from easy access to paints (and a few boxes of 40k imperial figures in the 90's) but it always seemed a good starting place in this hobby of ours.