Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Saturday 30 September 2017

French Grenadier of the Regiment Soissonnais

It's been a while since I posted same painted figures so to get this back on the road here are some pictures of my latest completed AWI French unit.

Again these are from Peter pig's AWI range and are packs104 French grenadiers marching and 105 French grenadiers command. They have been painted up as grenadiers from the regiment Scoissonnais. 

The only issue I had was with the bearskin - I couldn't figure out what to do with the back so just painted them all over black with a wash and highlight of slate grey with a brass plate at the front.

Just another regiment and a few commanders to finish off and that's the French done.

With the French almost completed where next? More AWI - British/American?  Or maybe 15mm sci-fi?

Thanks for taking a look.

Sunday 17 September 2017

Newbury show loot

Yesterday meant a trip to Colours at Newbury racecourse. I had no idea as to my wants apart from a few packs of cowboys from Peter pig. 

After spending the best part of the day there, along with my eldest boy, I came back with the following loot.

At the back at two PSC 15mm kits,
on the right British Universal Carriers. (9 models, 6 versions, 2 & 3 inch mortars, Vickers 50 cal, armoured observation post & 2 types of wasp flame throwers).
On the left German sdkfz 231 armoured car (5 models,3 versions, 232 radio, 233 Stummel or 263 command version)

Warbases: 5 packs of 15mm stargaze 962 scifi buildings, a landing pad, a double pod, a double pod plus 1 and a generator and control tower. I was impressed by the range and look forward to getting a few more of these packs from the range ( once I've seen how they paint up).

The landing pack constructed.

Also bought were a few packs from GZG. A couple of packs of Kra'vak heavy armour warriors and pack of Xar grab discs.
And finally a 15mm hover vehicle from brigade games.

I enjoyed the show though I didn't really look at any of the games. A good turnout of traders with some new company's I'd not come across before. Blotz was one and I was impressed with a lot of their mdf kits both 15 and 28mm.
All in all a good show made better as I did sell a couple of items on the b and b that covered most of my spend.

Thanks for stopping by.