Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Tuesday 24 November 2015

4Ground Fabled Realms

One of the 4Ground Fabled Realms that I picked up at warfare was made last night.
 This is Ruins of Daldorr 06 and like the earlier model I made it went together well and they are both shown together in last pictures.

One more to make and hope to make a start on it tonight.

Thanks for looking in .

Wednesday 18 November 2015


 I spent a few hours at Warfare on Sunday. I did a couple of circuits of the traders and had a look through the bring & buy before making a purchase. It was only after I left I'd realised I hadn't been to the second hall and looked at the games!

As for the purchases:

 A couple more of 4Grounds Fabled Realms ruins, some broken columns, a pack of Frostgrave Undead, a couple of Ground Zero Games walkers for my Crusties and a pack of some Alien creatures with what looks like a shell on their backs (again from GZG).

Almost forgot a bunch of very nice 28mm barbarians, adventures and Chaos foot soldiers all from Battlezone Miniatures

Thanks for taking a look.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

A parcel for me !

Over the past week I've looked at every parcel that has turned up and every time it has the wife's name on it (she's doing the kiddies x-mas pressie shopping on line). 
But yesterday the box had my name on it. Inside was the Lich Lord nickstarter - £35 offer.

and for that I received the Lich Lord book, the Cultist figures, the Lich lord and apprentice, dark cauldron pack, a Templar and Frost Wraith figures and a sprue of Frostgrave soldiers.

A good buy from my first kickstarter. Along with the loot from Warfare (which I'll post tomorrow) the collection is growing - along with the unpainted mountain.

As usual thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

A second helping of Frostgrave

Time was had and the models finished.

Here's the warband and an extra member.The warband consists of 1 x Thief,   4 x Thugs, 1 x Crossbowman, 1 x Infantryman & 1 x Knight.The extra figure is a Ranger. The Knight doesn't look quite how I thought he should, armour etc but he'll do for the moment.

The second warband will have a similar composition but they'll have a red collar piece/hood so my boy can identify his figures quickly (or is it for me!).
Warefare at the weekend - I should be there on Sunday spending again.

A Little bit of Frostgrave

Well no blog for over a month now and little time for painting etc.as I've been working many 12 hour days during th last couple of months.But this weekend has been a nice restful one of 4 days - with some sleep caught up on and finally some painting done as well.

I've started on a couple of warbands for Frostgrave, one for myself and one for the eldest boy so we can enjoy a game together hopwfully soon. Progress has been made and hope to have some pics later today of the first of these warbands.

As I was looking through my box of 28mm spares I found the two figures below which I thought would make a good pair for the leaders of a warbound.

The wizard in blue is from a TSR box set from 88 ish and the other is a Rincewind model from the 90's.

Thanks for dropping by