Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Newbury show loot

Yesterday meant a trip to Colours at Newbury racecourse. I had no idea as to my wants apart from a few packs of cowboys from Peter pig. 

After spending the best part of the day there, along with my eldest boy, I came back with the following loot.

At the back at two PSC 15mm kits,
on the right British Universal Carriers. (9 models, 6 versions, 2 & 3 inch mortars, Vickers 50 cal, armoured observation post & 2 types of wasp flame throwers).
On the left German sdkfz 231 armoured car (5 models,3 versions, 232 radio, 233 Stummel or 263 command version)

Warbases: 5 packs of 15mm stargaze 962 scifi buildings, a landing pad, a double pod, a double pod plus 1 and a generator and control tower. I was impressed by the range and look forward to getting a few more of these packs from the range ( once I've seen how they paint up).

The landing pack constructed.

Also bought were a few packs from GZG. A couple of packs of Kra'vak heavy armour warriors and pack of Xar grab discs.
And finally a 15mm hover vehicle from brigade games.

I enjoyed the show though I didn't really look at any of the games. A good turnout of traders with some new company's I'd not come across before. Blotz was one and I was impressed with a lot of their mdf kits both 15 and 28mm.
All in all a good show made better as I did sell a couple of items on the b and b that covered most of my spend.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Back to the AWI

It's been nearly 2 years since I've painted up any french figures for the AWI collection. As usual these PeterPig figures were virtually flash free and only needed the file taken to the base. 

These are packs 108 French Line advancing with backpacks and a command base using 3 figures from pack 101 French command advancing with a sapeur from pack 106 French sapeurs with axes. They have been painted up as the regiment Soissonnais

The next regiment has been started and is progressing well along with the generals.
Thanks for taking a look.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Gnolls 4

The painting has been a bit slow of late but this is down to my eyes. Firstly they've been getting sore, down to hayfever possibly but I've never had it before. Secondly my eyes are straining with the small figures. This is more than likely down to the type 2 diabetes. I'm due for my 6 month eye check at the hospital at the end of August but I need to get my finger out and get an eye test at an opticians for some new glasses.

The Gnolls are now finished with the final two being Reaper Bones. The models were made of a material I've not used before and really wasn't sure of how to prepare them. I trimmed off some of the mold lines with a sharp knife and tried a piece of fine wet and dry on some of the burs but gave up around some of the detail. I should have persevered as the overall look of the figures I'm happy with.

They do look a lot bigger than the other 28mm figures I've used for Frostgrave though they could easily be used for a champion/leader type figure.

Anyway that's it for the moment.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Frostgrave Gnolls 3

Here are the last eight Gnolls from the Frostgrave​ box. But not the last Gnolls to be painted!

Group photo

Front and back

And four with swords and daggers.
Front and back

It's too hot tonight for the garage even with the fan on ! I might have to stay inside tonight and be sociable.  Though I could use the time to do some research on uniform colours for one of my on going projects.

Have a good evening all

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Frostgrave Gnolls 2

Just a quick mid-week post. The latest batch of Gnolls (3 only)  are finished and photographed.

These 3 are a bit more protected, having shields.

Front and back

And my thoughts go out to the people affected by the fire in London last night and to the emergency services for the work they did and especially the firemen and woman who entered that burning building. Hero's.

That's it from me.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Frostgrave​ Gnolls

This is the first batch of Gnolls finished and I've been trying to get around to  posting about these for a week. The Windsor & Newton Galleria mat varnish is nice to use, though more time consuming when brushing it on but no greying.
The Gnolls are from the Northstar plastic multi-part set and this first batch have an assortment of weapons. They went together nicely like the other sets in the series and have a range of options to build.

Am trying to think of what to do next, i've plenty of options both in the metal  and plastic mountains. Inspiration is required and I'm not off to any shows until colours in September- my first show of this year.

Thanks for taking a look.

Monday, 5 June 2017

British Paras 3rd rifle plt , MMG plt, sniper and dead.

Finally getting the last pictures of this project on my blog. It's dragged on and the problems with the varnishing has put a downer on the whole thing. But onwards and upwards as the saying goes.

Anyway the 3rd rifle platoon is the same format as the previous 2.

The  mg platoon consists of  3 bases of machine guns and crew along with a rifle base and a platoon commander.

A sniper team suitably hidden.

And some para dead.

That's it for the Paras.

Thanks for taking a look.

Monday, 22 May 2017

varnishing - my way forward.

Thank you to all that helped me with my last post on greying when varnishing.  I decided to go down the route of brushing on the varnish and on Thursday my wife bought a  250 ml bottle of Windsor and Newton's Galleria Matt varnish from Amazon prime for under £10. And it was delivered Friday.
On Saturday night I tried it on one of the figures that I part repainted and yesterday  I had a look at the result and was very happy with it.
I have now hand varnished all 20 figures and just need to finish the bases off, though it's unlikely to be this coming week or next weekend.

Anyway I'm feeling a lot more motivated now and looking forward to finishing these Frostgrave Gnolls off.  

Here's the 1st of the batch - just need to but some grass etc on the base.

Now just need to sort out the photography side so you can see the shading etc.
Anyway thanks again. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Varnishing blues.

Or should that be greys.?
Yet again the varnishing has gone grey. I was near the end of the spray can but there was more than enough for the job in hand. 
Yesterday Conditions were right not too hot or cold and not damp. Good shake and afterwards of the 20 figures 8 were awful  about 4 were needing a bit of repainting and the 8 were good or in need of a small amount of touching up.

So the question is what's the way forward? I've had enough of spray can varnish and watching my hard work going grey. I have  heard of people using a floor polish - Klear  I think? How does that work? Where do you get it from.

I know many of you will have felt my pain before.
Thanks from Mr bloody Frustrated.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

British Paras engineer plt & mortar plt.

This little project has been finished for over a month and I'm being really slow in getting these photographed and on the blog. At this rate my next project will be done and dusted before I've posted all the pics for the paras.

The rifle platoons are supported by an engineer platoon consisting of 2 flamethrower bases a Lmg (bren) base, a sten base, 2 rifles (satchel/demolition charges) and a  platoon commander.

Flamethrower bases.

The mortar platoon consists of 4 medium mortars, a rifle base and a platoon commander.

That's all folks.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Aviation Archive

I picked this magazine up the other day as the content wad on medium bombers of ww2. Included within​ the pages are details of 27 aircraft with b&w photos,some colour drawings and some cutaway artworks.  

Planes covered include the Heinkel He 111, Vickers Wellington,Ilyushin IL 4, B25 Mitchell and a old favourite of mine the Martin B-26 Marauder. 

All in all looks like an interesting read.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

British Paras 2nd plt.

I'm flying back to Heathrow later this afternoon from Ireland so no Salute for me.  I've a little time to kill so i thought I'd post some pictures of the 2nd plt.

Same composition as the 1st plt.

A piat

A light mortar.

Plt commander

3 x brens

3 x stens

 And 3 x rifles

And that's it for today - need to travel.
Take care all.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

British Paras 1st platoon

All painting on this project has now finished, figures are all based and bases completed. Some are photographed and the rest will be done over the next couple of glorious days.

First up are a few pictures of the 1st platoon. Pictures are poor but I'm hoping to take some better ones tomorrow in natural light.

The complete platoon of 12 bases, including platoon commander, a light mortar and a PIAT along with

3x rifles

3 x stens

And 3x Brens.

There are another two platoons (of the same composition) , a MMG platoon, a medium mortar platoon and an engineer platoon along with the 6pdrs and tows.

Take care all.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Starting a new project.

And to start off this new project we have the following pictures of British infantry marching (cbr1) from Baccus. Colonial range.

April fools - i did enjoy painting these even though they were hard work. I had a go over Christmas to see how they would be to paint up. I don't think this is a scale i will go with but saying that Baccus's new ECW range look very tempting.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Airborne 6 pdr gun

I think it's finally dawned on me why I'm spending less time on my blog (though painting time is still about the same) and the answer is forge of empires. I need to cut back on that and refocus my attention. Easier said than done.

The 6 pdr (57mm) was first used in 1942 and was used into the 50's. The airborne version had a modified carriage.
PeterPig do a nice model in their WW2 range. I've painted 3 with crew and a tow for each as support for my Para force.

Next up should be the first of 3 platoons.

Take care all.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Finally some pics of painted figures.

A day off today looking after sickly older boy so took a few pictures of some of the completed PeterPig British paras. It's taken me all day to get around to this point. And i don't know what I've done with the rest of the day ( though i did have an hour's kip in the afternoon).

First up is the company commanders base. This should be on a 4x4 base (for PBI) but I've gone with a round one so i could fit the jeep on as well.

We now have two bases of medics, one with attached priest. I made the fence from a coffee stirer and a piece of a cocktail stick just to give the base a little extra.

Finally some drop canisters. 

I had a number of issues with greying when varnishing. I used both aerosol and a pot of cote D'arms with both causing problems.

Thanks for dropping by.