Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Saturday 9 December 2017

15mm Cattlemen Characters

Now it's back to Peter pig's wild west figures and I'm working my way (slowly) through the Cattlemen. The first completed figures are two character packs, pack 83 Buffalo Bruce and pack 84. Old Gabby. They are nice figures with a mounted, foot and dead option in each pack.

Buffalo Bruce (sniper)

Old Gabby

There are another two character packs finished just need to take a pic along with two different foot groups that are both near to completion. I have also prepared 40 horses for the mounted elements. 
With separate riders and horses do people paint them separate or glue the riders on first? I always do them separately but wondered it's easier to do them together.

Thanks for dropping by partners.


  1. For 15mm cavalry, I tend to glue the rider to horse first and then paint. For 28mm, I typically paint the horse first, glue the primered rider onto the horse, and then paint rider.

    1. Thanks jonathan.i was going to glue the riders on but when I thought about it I decided to keep them separate as the horses are going to be undercoated in black and sprayed with a brown coat whilst the riders are going to be spray undercoated with grey.

  2. Nicely done...I use both methods according to my mood ...

  3. I'm pretty sure I couldn't cope with these Dan, really impressive work Sir.