Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Sunday 4 March 2018

Snow cancelled show.

I was planning to go to overlord in Abington today , my first war show of the year but yesterday I found out that the weather had taken its toll and the show was cancelled. I always enjoy it as it's a small but but friendly show where I can pick up a few bits and pieces and  spend a good half day perusing.
The next show I could well attend would have been the wmms in a couple of weeks but my two young lads are doing a walk for the cubs and Beavers and I've being been roped in to do the walk as well. 

The latest pack of cattlemen finished are pack 88 mounted cattlemen with Pistols.

The horses for both this pack and the following pack 89 were all sprayed together using Mournfang Brown from games Workshop. Different shades of washes and mixtures were applied to give a variation of colour which is not so visible in the pics.


Hoping to spend a couple of hours outside in the painting den today and get the next batch of cattlemen finished. Then on to a couple of wagons and a stagecoach.

Thanks for dropping by.