Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Wednesday 28 February 2018

It's cold out there

February has been a relatively productive month with a least an hour most evenings and a few hours over the weekends painting so a few bits have been progressing along nicely. Well until last night that is, when i went out to my painting den in the garage and froze my knackers off. The heater made no dent in the cold in the room or the cold in my body. I came in after about half an hour and promptly went to bed.  It was nice and warm in there. 

As to my painting the Cattlemen are near to completion and a few other areas are having some time spent on them. So hopefully something different next month.

This little offering are from PeterPigs  pack 87, cattlemen foot rifles.

These are all based as per Peterpigs "Hey you in the Jail" rules which are being revised and should be released in the next month or two.

Anyway keep safe in this bad weather spell.