Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Sunday 8 February 2015

NSL Panzergrenadier RAM Mortar teams

I've had a few problems with the laptop this weekend and it cost £40 for a new power pack from a pc superstore (the price of my next Ground Zero Games force). I'm sure I could have got one a lot cheaper on Ebay but the battery was completely dead.

This week's offering is the RAM Mortar teams.

I'm still working on the NSL but I can see the end in sight - just a few more packs of heavy weapons to finish up and then some power armour troops. I wish I had the production speed and quality of the Wargaming Girl !

Thanks for taking the time to look.


  1. Great looking mortar teams, Dan. I know the feeling about laptop power supplies - a while back the cost of the new battery made us to decide to just get a new laptop instead.

    1. The lap top is on the way out so that'll be the next big spend but i was suprised how much the spec was for a lot less than i thought !

  2. Nice work Dan. I do like the colour scheme you've chosen for these NSL.

  3. Thanks Tamsin - I sort of went for a africa korps yellow with some russian green. I thought they went well together.