Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Monday, 21 March 2016

Frostgrave ghoules

Just finished these mantic ghoules which came with the previous posts skeletons.  These were nice figures to paint up and came with less mould lines. Have a look at wargamer girls blog as she has just about completed 16 of these and they're looking good.

I've a week of now but the boss has other type of painting in mind - undercoating, gloss and emulsion. Walls and ceiling and woodwork !

Take care all.


  1. It was 20 - a full pack from Mantic Games.

    I like the green skin on yours - I made the mistake of painting meso-American skin then trying a blue glaze over it.

  2. 20 it was. The green on mine was a mixed colour but I had no idea what shade of green to go for. I think it looks a tad dark in the pics but I'm happy with the overall effect. I think I prefer the skin colour you've gone for.
    Wait to you see the 3 Zombies I'm finishing at the moment I've gone for 3 different shades on the same body colour, 1 on each and they all look ok.

  3. They look great Dan, love the spooky skin colour.

    1. Thanks Michael - spooky I like that.