Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Thursday 12 March 2015

A show and a sad day

On Sunday I took the eldest boy to WMMS for some R&R This was my first visit to the show and mightily impressed I was. A good size show with plenty of traders and some lovely games. We even had a dabble with the Peter Pig PBI game and after two turns my 6 year olds dice rolling was putting me to shame and his Russians were taking down my Germans. 
We both had a nice time and came away with a few buys. 
A show to keep in mind for next year though if truth be told I only went there as I forgot the date of the Overlord show and only checked the web the day after it was on !doh

Here's a pic of my loot.
 A box of 5 x 15mm Marders (and variants) from the Plastic Soldier Company, the new version of Peter Pig's PBI rules and Company Architect book and 14 packs of Peter Pigs AWI French infantry.

And on sadder note an author who has brought me so much joy in his alternate Disc World has taken Death's hand - RIP Sir Terry Pratchett


  1. You spotted my mistake - it's a box of panzer 38t's with Marder options. I had my mind on the marder options.
    Cheers Al