Wounded Chindit

Wounded Chindit

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Highs and low's

Nothing much has happened on the painting front over the last month with building work continuing and my own decorating about to start. Hoping to get some painting in tomorrow whilst I listen to the England game.

My home village of Chinnor seems to have a great number of flypasts by both current military helicopters and older planes though on Sunday I heard a twin engined propeller plane but couldn't get outside in time to see what it was. Today I was disappointed to find out it was a Dakota.

This evening I was on the drive when I heard a high powered prop engined aircraft somewhere near and I spied what looked like a P51 Mustang and from where I was it looked and sounded fantastic. A shame I didn't have the camera to hand.

Just watching the local news and a report on the return to Normandy by the veterans 70 years on - a fine group of brave men who return yet again to remember their friends who didn't return home. Very humbling.

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  1. Real life painting and decorating do get in the way of our hobby and blogs!

  2. Nice interlude - hearing/seeing a P51 must've been exhilarating. Take your time, your brushes and paint will be waiting. Best, Dean